Go Away, I don’t know you

While reading the Bible I came upon the scripture in Luke 12:27, where people will be at the gate saying I did all this stuff for you and the Lord will say go away; I don’t know you. 

Who are these people? When one accepts Christ as their personal Savior, they become a Christian. But what if Christ never becomes the Lord of their life — being first before desires, ambitions, lusts, habits, and so on, what happens?

I get a picture of a large gym fully stocked with top of the line equipment made to strengthen and build a strong, fit body. Along the walls are big overstuffed sofas and inviting easy chairs. The person who accepts Christ but never makes Him Lord of their life is like someone who goes to that gym regularly and lounges in those big chairs for an hour, then afterwards they meet up with their friends and say, “Yeah, I go to the gym five times a week!”

Their friends might look at them and not want to mention that they are wasting their time because that gym hasn’t benefitted them. They are out of shape, still living the life they lived before, because they don’t want to discipline themselves.

I get it, discipline can often mean sacrifice and maybe that’s uncomfortable, but the rewards are so amazing! And according to Matthew 7:16, others will recognize us by our fruit.

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