Think On These Things

I have not posted recently because I’ve been working on the sequel to A Better Plan. Although I don’t watch television or have a radio in my house, I know all the news is about the latest virus. People buying up hand sanitizer, toilet paper, and whatever else they can’t live without for a few days. (My daughter asked, does no one use regular soap anymore?)

Having grown up in Alaska where there was only one road in and out, we shot, caught, grew or picked most of our food, because that one road could flood, wash out, etc. We stocked things we’d need when they were on sale or available, and we cooked our own food.

Being taught to spend time in preparation left less time or reason for panic. 

I have many favorite Scriptures, as so many of them have ministered to and encouraged me over the years. One particular passage though is Philippians chapter four. For years I had verse eight written on a note card on my sun visor in my car. Many times I pulled the visor down to read the faded words. Now those words are on the wall above our dining room table. A daily reminder to think on whatever is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent or praiseworthy. 

There is no verse that says, ‘put thy head in the sand,’ but many verses say don’t worry, don’t fear, have faith, trust in Him. 

Is that easy to do all the time? Nope. 

But the real question, is it worth it? Absolutely. 

We not only prepare for times of floods, tornados or hurricanes that may interrupt life, but we need to prepare our hearts for the storms that come through the loss of jobs, trials in relationships, sneaky viruses. We don’t prepare by keeping our eyes on the storm, but keeping them on One who calms the storm.

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