I read a story this week about whale watchers who got a thrill when under their vessel, four of the humongous creatures appeared feeding on fish. I saw another story about a group of people trying to spot a tiger while one stealthily slipped by them as they sat in their vehicle. Can you imagine having something so large and wild right under you, or behind you? It’s one thing to have the thrill of spotting something like that, but having it sneak up on you is another story. Great big things! They can be scary. 

While praying the other day, the scripture came to my mind, “greater is He who is in me, than he who is in the world.” (1 John 4:4) I memorized that as a child and sang the chorus in church. But this week I bit into that scripture. It’s not just a memory verse or a chorus. It’s KNOWING that no matter what comes against us, (or under us, or by us) that our God is greater! There’s power in that knowledge. Now put that knowledge with Ephesians 6 about the armor and what do you get? We are ready for battle, and we have a huge Lion (of Judah) right beside us. 

No matter what comes along, He is greater! 

Unrest? Greater. 

Earthquakes or storms? Greater. 

Threats of famine or fire? Greater.

Loss of jobs? Greater.

The one who comes to steal, kill and destroy? Greater.

Declaring HIS greatness has been my mantra this week. No matter what happens, I know he is greater. I can go forward boldly because of that. (Doesn’t mean I won’t make mistakes.)

This morning I read something a young Army Captain shared. He spoke of the armor of God covering our head, feet, we wear the belt and carry the shield and the sword is our only weapon. He pointed out that there is no mention of protection on our back because our mission is to go forward to battle. I love that image. We don’t retreat because of big things, we take them head on, knowing Who is in us.

Take a listen to this song. (Coincidence that the length is 4:4 – same as the scripture.)

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