A Better Plan

Amelia is a quick-witted, charming, independent, widowed, ER nurse who doesn’t date. She is also a writer of stories, and a maker of endless lists to keep order in her over-the-top organized life. After her dog and a two of her coworkers suffer frostbite during an exceptionally cold, Alaskan winter, she plots to escape the harsh environment for a fresh start on life. She thinks she has the perfect plan in place, but the unexpected happens, forcing her to postpone her trip. Although Amelia feels disheartened by the wrench in her well laid out strategy, events in her story are unfolding in the most unanticipated ways. Maybe God has something in store for Amelia that she did not include in her list…

What Others Have Already Discovered About A Better Plan

“This a sweet story about receiving hope after heartbreak, trusting God, and finding love later in life. We have plans for our lives, but sometimes God has even a better plan. He can do something exceedingly above anything we can imagine. Enjoy this beautiful tale and dream again.”

“…if you are dreading the approach of the holidays for any reason, I’d recommend this book. Amelia’s attitude toward the holidays just might re-kindle that old spark of seasonal joy.”

“What a sweet and lovely Christian romance! This book follows the story of Mel, an ER nurse living in Alaska. Mel has experienced heartache and loss and has been trying to get her life back on track. She’s not looking for a romantic relationship, but God has other plans for her life. This was a captivating read with believable characters and a wonderful happy ending. I’m looking forward to reading the next book by this author!”